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“RVA Ball For A Cause” annual charity basketball game was established in 2016 by ClimbingTreesDaily LLC, Brand New Wave LLC, and Marquee Sports and Events LLC. A group of native Richmond residents who came together to address some of the biggest issues facing the city of Richmond. They agreed to host an event in which different communities in Richmond and surrounding counties could come together to support a great cause.


After the success of the third annual game the three entities, as well as a few others, came together to create the 501C3, “Brand New Wave Cares”. This year “Brand New Wave Cares” will host the 4th annual “RVA Ball For A Cause” charity basketball game. 

There were many events previously held in Richmond that served as inspiration for creating this charity event. Musicians, professional basketball players, business owners and known public figures have come together each year to make this event a success. Some of the most well- known Richmond artists/entertainers and basketball players will team up and compete in the “RVA Ball For A Cause” basketball game. This year’s event will take place on Saturday, November 6 at the Ben Wallace gym. 

RVA Ball For A Cause Purpose: 

➢ Collect and donate funds to Chesterfield Public Schools
➢ Collect and donate funds to Meadowbrook High School Athletics program
➢ Collect donations for “RVA Ball For A Cause: Back to School” fund for students. 

This year we’ll be focusing our efforts on giving back to Chesterfield Public Schools. Many of those associated with the organization of the basketball game are also alumni of Meadowbrook High School. Funds that are collected will be donated to Chesterfield Public Schools and Meadowbrook High School Athletic Program.

The funds will help cover the athletic departments expenses and also help to establish a player mentorship program. To kids of all ages The “RVA Ball For A Cause: Back to School” fund will help support students unable to pay class dues/fees, unable to afford school lunch, unable to pay college application fees, and provide assistance to families facing financial hardship.

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