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Brand New Wave Cares is a 501(c)3 community-based organization serving Richmond, VA and surrounding areas with the purpose of serving, educating, mentoring, and aspiring African American youth/young adults.

One of our most notable events is the annual “RVA Ball For A Cause” charity basketball game. We’ve done four installments since beginning in 2016 and have raised over $5,000 in which funds were used for the event, school supply giveaways, and other essential supply giveaways for the youth.


We believe that social justice begins with economic justice, and we are committed to educating and inspiring the next generation to create a better future. Our organization has recently expanded to Atlanta, GA. We are now focused on developing programs that will allow us to broaden our reach and increase our impact.

We do this by raising awareness experienced by the youth in the Richmond city area and empowering them through our internship, mentorship, and programs. We believe social justice begins with economic justice. We also believe change starts with our young people. Our duty is to educate them and give them the resources needed to evoke change. 

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To be a platform for social and economic change within black and minority communities.


To be a helping hand in creating a world where people of color are sustainable and exemplifiers of excellence.


Integrity  |  Excellence  |  Empowerment  |  Community  |  Diversity  |  Equality  |  Economics 


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